Here are the different Artificial Grass Benefits

How would you like a weed-free lawn that never needs maintenance? It’s possible when you install synthetic grass. Today’s synthetic grass is not the bright green carpet and hard surface of Astroturf. It looks and even feels like the real thing.

Because it looks and feels so close to the real thing, Australians have steadily migrated towards using synthetic grass. It’s nothing like your father’s artificial grass. Not only is it soft to the touch, you can also have it installed with a sophisticated drainage system, so any material that gets spilled on it can be hosed down and easily flushed away.


Just some of the types of synthetic grass available through Perth Landscape Guys

Fits A Busy Lifestyle

Homeowners are gravitating towards it because of myriad artificial grass benefits. For one, many people today have extremely busy lives and don’t have the time to mow grass regularly. Others are turning towards it because synthetic grass has improved so much in the last decade that it can even add value to your home. Consumers have begun to realize that synthetic grass is an excellent option in areas where real lawns are difficult or possible to maintain.

Pays for Itself

Synthetic grass can be pricey to install, however once it is in, there is virtually no maintenance, allowing your installation to soon pay for itself as you don’t have to invest in a lawn mower or lawn service for maintenance. What’s more, synthetic grass is fairly easy to install, which means you can do it yourself to save on start-up costs. You can even mix it with real grass if you don’t want to have a huge expanse of artificial grass in your yard.


Laying artificial grass on the side of the house can make the area far more useful.

Major Benefits

Artificial grass benefits are many, but its durability is a major reason for buying and installing it. Here are some of the top reasons to consider it:

• Ideal for high traffic areas
• Pet-resistant varieties can withstand heavy use by dogs and other pets
• UV resistant so it won’t fade
• Yellow and bare patches are a thing of the past
• Safe for children

Kind to the Environment

Synthetic turf is green in more ways than one. It’s artificial, so you won’t need to water it, thereby saving precious fresh water supply. You also don’t have to worry about fertilizers and pesticides, both of which can be toxic in high amounts. Best of all, synthetic grass always looks great, no matter what you do to it.

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