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In Melville, artificial grass is becoming trendy. It is because it’s a more hassle-free alternative to real grass. Real grass lawn takes time to install, and the maintenance can be cumbersome too. In comparison, artificial turf takes less time to install, is low maintenance, and can offer many benefits.

Artificial grass prices in Melville

The price of artificial turf will depend on the type of grass and the size of the lawn to be covered. It may cost between 5 dollars to 20 dollars depending on the type of grass.

We have a wide range of grass options ranging from the simplest one to the more premium ones. The more natural-looking grass tends to have a higher cost.

We can also provide samples of the styles and colour so you can decide which grass works for your lawn the best.

Why synthetic grass is popular in Melville

Compared to real grass, artificial grass has a faster installation time and lower maintenance needs. This makes it ideal for the Melville demographic in which most households have both parents working.

According to statistics, around 54 % of the Melville population work overtime, with 17% of both parents with full-time jobs. Also, 43% of the population works 40 hours or more per week, and 47% of them have kids.

Given how busy Melville households are, maintaining a lawn will be the least of their priorities. Since artificial grass is not tedious to maintain, it’s a problem solver for families who want a lawn where their kids can play and frolic. Artificial grass will be a delightful and pet-friendly addition to your playground area.


Artificial turf is low maintenance

Artificial grass facts

Artificial turf is low maintenance

You don’t need to water, weed, or mow artificial grass. It also wouldn’t mould when there are heavy rains. You can forget about applying pesticides that can be harmful to your children and pets. Plus, it also saves you on the cost of fertilisers, pesticides, and hiring someone to mow your lawn.

When it rains, the water merely passes through the artificial grass and goes straight to the ground. There will be no puddle of mud or stagnant water that may also be breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Artificial grass helps conserve water

Since you don’t need to water your lawn, you conserve water, which is helpful given the hot and dry climates in Australia. Thus, going for artificial grass means you’re also helping the environment.

There are a ton of choices in Artificial Grass

Artificial grass comes in a multitude of colours, lengths, and blends. You may be able to find one that mimics the real thing. If you prefer, you can find one with ombre shades of yellow and green that can match the natural landscape. Each type also feels different to touch, so you can choose one that’s most appealing to you.

Where to Buy Artificial Grass in melville?

You can buy artificial grass from wholesalers all over Western Australia.  Perth Landscape Guys at our Melville location has a network of reliable wholesalers that can provide you with full-service artificial grass lawn installation.

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