installing artificial grass

Installing artificial grass is commonly mistaken as a long process. Most people think that they need to allot more time to have one in their backyard. However, it’s mostly dependent on some factors.

On average, it takes about 1-2 days to have an artificial turf installed in a typical sized garden. But if your lawn is larger than 100 sq. meters, you may need an additional day or two.

To help you calculate, let’s look at some factors that will affect the installation time.

Factor 1: Accessibility of your garden

A small lawn can take more than two days to complete. But if it isn’t easily accessible, that is, if you need to go up and down or climb several steps, it will take longer.

Pro tip: one of the easiest pathways to your garden is your home. Make sure you’re at home so workers can easily access your lawn and speed up the installation.

Factor 2: Edging choices

If you opted for a more elaborate curved edging, it could take longer to install. More preparation is needed to have this type of edging finished.

Factor 3: Size of your lawn

It would nearly take a day for your entire existing lawn to be removed. However, if you have a small lawn, it can be removed in less than a day. Installing the base would take another half a day or a whole day. Finally, the laying of the putting green can also eat up another day if you have a more extensive lawn.


Installing your artificial grass can take one to two days minimum, depending on accessibility, type of edging, and lawn size. It’s ideal to have artificial turf installed in the summer since the days are longer. Also, it’s best to talk possible overlapping schedules on the use of your lawn with your contractor before the installation.

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